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Our main service is peace of mind and we are the problem solvers in any unfortunate event of a death. Moreover our product is removing all the burden which the bereaved families have to go through in a death case and it is we who assure a dignified ceremony.  

Our Allied Services

Funerals for all faiths

We arrange funerals of all faiths and beliefs. Families have to give their specifications what they need and we will arrange them as soon as possible.

Burial Services with Equipment

Graveside services are arranged with all the necessary equipment


Scattering of ashes into the sea or at Varanasi.

Range of Coffins from basic to exclusive

Cold Storage/ Mortuary facility

Mobile Morgue on hire

Protable concept

  • Runs on Electricity with normal plug point
  • Ground Floor Or 7th Floor easy lifting by our staff at residence
  • Al Tuff hard glass for easy viewing
  • Costs are Rs. 3000/- for 24 hours onwards


Floral tributes


We have all types of floral tributes for your loved one including wreaths, crosses, double edged poises and so on.


The main reason for embalming a body is preservation. We as modern Funeral Director will try to keep the body look as same as possible keeping in mind the sanitary standards.
Ironically, in many cities the Doctors do the embalming and moreover our embalmers are forbidden to do it because of the mind set of officials. At times our Embalming certificates are not held valid at some airports. The cost of embalming vary from in many cities and again these affect the repatriation costs. For instance,

  • New Delhi the embalming costs are Rs. 4000/-(exclusive of appraisals to staff for handling) and an official receipt is issued.
  • C.M.C. hospital in Ludhiana (Punjab) the costs of Embalming a body is Rs 25,000/-.


Exhumations are excavation of remains from the grave and placing it in to the cemetery niche for remembrances.



Building Tombstones
A vide variety of designs and can be chosen according to your preferences
and budget, Obtaining Death certificates and burial/cremation permits.


Hearse Services

Basic Ambulance:
Cardiac/ICCU Ambulances fully equipped with Defiblrators, ECG Monitors, Pulseoxymeters, Oxygen cylinder, Neo-Natal care, On-call Doctor for home visits, etc.,



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