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  Repatriations of Human Remains Abroad
  There are at times people travel abroad for various reasons for business,functions, vacations,etc. Even at this point the unfortunate cannot be stopped.  
Whenever a death takes place far away from home, family members get most distressed. The process of Repatriations of Human Remains are complex and the next kin of the deceased need to take through decisions. At times family members face some barriers such as language, distance, communication, etc. Please rest assured that we take care of all arrangements to ensure that wherever your loved one who is in India will be returned to your hometown at the shortest time.
International Repatriations
International Repatriations are much more complex than domestic repatriations. The time consumed in international repatriations is much more due to cause of death, added paper work, documentation, distance, airlines and customs regulations etc. Along with Human Remains, we also send personal effects/ baggage of the deceased. It is our top priority to send the Remains firstif the personal effects/baggage cannot be accompanied together due to space in cargo. At times, a family member is requested to co-operate with us inorder to complete the Government formalities soon.
  Domestic Repatriations
We can make arrangement for your loved one to return home by air/rail or even road. To ensure speedy and personalized service we can even accompany along with the Human Remains so that the family members can be fully relieved with the stress. On some occasions, there may be a request to a family member to co-operate on certain police formalities

At times our service, extents to such an extent that we would come to your doorstep anywhere in Bombay or outside Bombay, for example Gujarth pick up the Human Remains and do the necessary formalities in Mumbai and send your loved one along with the family members as soon as possible say to Delhi.


Important notice

Even when a body is sent abroad there is a need to register the death. The Original Medical Cause of Death Certificate will be retained by the Officials and in lieu another certificate is issued.



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